Royal Chef Cuisine

[Food Review] Royal Chef Cuisine is now on Yum

Before I joined yum, I imagined my days would be filled with free food because… well it’s a food delivery company. I’m not even going to comment on how far away from reality my dreams were. This is Yum’s first blog posts in a very long time so I’ll keep my story about crushed dreams […]

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happy new year

2015 Yum Highlights: Happy New Year

The year is finally coming to an end and it has been such an amazing journey. We have compiled a list of food highlights for you exclusive to 2015. The Cronut Is it a croissant? Is it a donut? Could it be both? Yes, the Cronut was one of the best things to happen in […]

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yum loyalty program

Yum loyalty reward program. What you need to know

It pays to order from Yum. Yes, it now literally pays. When was the last time you placed an order? Over the past few weeks clients have been receiving messages with coupon codes that give them a KES 500 credit after every fifth order with Yum. So how can you qualify? How does it work? […]

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Yum corporate accounts: Eat now pay later

When you’re buying lunch or dinner for a group of people on a regular basis it becomes a hassle. Trying to find the time to collect cash from everyone knowing the office can be a hectic place. Sometimes it is hard trying to trace each person, finding their right change and doing the math. It’s […]

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stack of cell phones on table

Yum’s CEO talks about food delivery in Kenya

Smart Monkey is a relatively new web TV channel interested in what happens when technology crosses paths with culture. A few weeks ago they sat down with our CEO – Layne Fletcher – and had the chance to talk about Yum. Check out the video to hear Layne discussing the founding of Yum, entrepreneurship in […]

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Clay Oven’s Chef Kiran Pa Saklani sits down with Yum

Clay Oven is a newly opened restaurant in Westlands at, Fuji Plaza. They specialize in North Indian cuisine and you can find them on the Yum platform for home or office delivery. We had the chance to chat up their chef Kiran Pal Saklani, who has 18 years of experience, and got some insight on […]

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nairobi pizza fest

How to get a free pizza| Nairobi Pizza Festival

Sometimes you want pizza but one isn’t enough. What if we told you that you can get another pizza free? We kid you not. This week Nairobi is having the Nairobi Pizza Festival. What is that?? Well, it is an event involving a number of restaurants that have teamed up with various brands to offer […]

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Travel and Food

Looking for something to do this weekend? How does food and travel sound? Happening today and tomorrow at the Karen Blixen Museum, Xplore are offering you the opportunity to interact with a majority of food and travel industry players. With blue skies and that gentle Nairobi breeze blowing through the city this is the perfect […]

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Jaryl Cabuco Photography 2011

The Transporter

If you’ve been an ardent fan of Hollywood films then you are no stranger to the Transporter movies acted out by John Statham. The action packed film was famous for it’s blood-curdling car stunts at high speeds. We all fell in love with Statham’s role – that British driver that had a penchant for well […]

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The Ultimate BLT Sandwich

All about Ki.chen and Susan

Ki.chen is one of the new restaurants on the Yum site. They specialize in weekday lunches. On Wednesday I had the pleasure of chatting up Susan from Ki.chen and gained a few lovely insights on the restaurant and the person behind it as well. She makes for good conversation and has a pearly laugh that’s […]

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